What Causes Increased Signs of Aging?

At the age of twenty-five, the first signs of the aging process begin to show. Fine lines are typically the first to show and then larger wrinkles begin to form over time. Over the years, the skin begins to lose volume and elasticity, making the appearance of wrinkles even more obvious. Although the aging process is a natural one, there are some things that can speed it up and cause it to occur prematurely.

Sun exposure causes oxidative stress to the skin and leads to skin damage due to the UV rays. This process is called photoaging.

Smoking plays a big role in premature aging. The nicotine and other chemicals found in cigarettes intensify damage caused by the sun.

Pollution causes a greater production of free radicals which damage the skin cells and cause alterations to the DNA. As with smoking, pollution increases the damage done by the sun.

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Skin that has not been properly cared for will show signs of aging much faster. Proper cleansing and hydration are crucial for healthy, young skin.

Poor nutrition also plays a role in premature aging. When a person eats a healthy diet, their body can better fight the free radicals that cause skin damage.

How Does This Cream Help?

Following the retin a skin care tips allow individuals to treat their skin and greatly improve its appearance. This cream, when used as directed, helps to reverse the signs of aging by undoing sun damage and even treating acne.

The cream should be applied at night and should not be used with other skin creams so adverse reactions do not occur. Following a doctor’s advice for tretinoin skin care tips is vital for getting the best results.

This cream will reduce lines and wrinkles, acne scarring, sun spots, and other issues that mar the superficial layers of the skin. With time and dedication to treatment, individuals will find they are amazed at the changes their skin undergoes.

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